Customer Communication

Customize Email Template Preferences

  • Manage 18 distinct email templates, such as event reminder, new quote, customer welcome, and thank you
  • Toggle appropriate emails to send automatically on a set schedule (i.e., 3 days before event)
  • Customize the subject line and note associated with each email
  • See sample emails
  • Specify whether to cc your business email
  • Opt to have emails sent from the signed in employee (rather than the business) and cc’ed to that person
  • Toggle to include or exclude inventory photos in emails

Style Email Templates

  • Upload a logo to include on emails
  • Specify a color for emails using color slider, HEX code or RGB code

Send and Manage Emails Within Rentals

  • Select email type: summary, quote, invoice, payment reminder, receipt, or proposal
  • Choose all or some recipients associated with the rental, including customers and team members
  • Send emails with or without payment links
  • Write and style emails (bold, underline, bullet, etc.) and include links
  • Attach PDFs of the invoice, proposal, and/or rental agreement
  • Include any other documents
  • Allow customer to see emails in their browser if they prefer
  • Remove rental periods (i.e., ‘per day’) from customer communications (email, Storefront, and Marketplace)
  • See full email history, including from, to, send date, and open status