Create Custom Reports

  • Select any of 29 rental fields to include on a custom rental report
  • Select any of 14 transaction fields to include on a custom transaction report
  • Filter custom rental report by date, rental status, and/or rental source
  • Filter custom transaction report by date, payment status and/or payment source
  • Create, name, and save custom report templates
  • Export data to an Excel file or to QuickBooks Online
  • Conduct reporting in the background, so you can use the system during the operation

View Pre-Made Reports

  • Access established financial reports, including revenue, payments, sales tax, profitability and billing status
  • Access established customer reports, including best customers and Net Promoter Score
  • See a full inventory ledger
  • Look at staffing details, including amounts earned by each staff member
  • Review popular items, arranged by $ spent, % of items rented, or # of rentals
  • Sort by ascending or descending order, where appropriate
  • Filter by event date
  • Export data to Excel or QuickBooks Online or print reports