How to rent an item:


Go on a treasure hunt :

Search through available items to find just what you need.


Nail down the details :

Chat with potential owners to ask questions and confirm the transaction. All set.


Get the item :

Pick up the item, have the owner drop it off, meet at a central location or use TapGoods Door-to-Door. You decide what method of getting stuff suits you.


Have fun! :

Tackle that project or try out a new activity. You get the benefit of using the item for less than it cost to buy it and you don’t have to store it.


Wrap it up :

Get the goods back, rate the owner and the item, and rent again when you’re ready.

Johan shaded a187aa95ab4492866443ec3ca6749930f419fe3ae1a69b93312a7d7508553002

Renting the tools I needed for my bathroom remodel made the whole project way more affordable.


How to rent out an item:


Show off your stuff :

Snap some photos, create a quick description, and set the rental price of each item. It’s free to post! And your stuff is safe with the TapGoods Guarantee.


Respond to inquiries :

Hear from potential renters and let each know if you’re in or out.


Get the item to the renter :

Drop it off meet somewhere safe, or have the item picked up by the renter or TapGoods Door-to-Door.


Collect your cash :

When the transaction is complete, you’ll have your item back as well as a nice chunk of change. You keep 80% of the rental price. (There’s a minimum TapGoods fee of $2 per rental.) How’s that for a deal?

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I'm earning cash from stuff that was just collecting dust in my garage.