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From The Rooftops

One way to share your partnership with TapGoods is to leverage the power of social media.

Here’s how:

Connect With Us


Announce that you are a TapGoods Champion on LinkedIn by adding “Champion at TapGoods” as a new role. To do this, add a new position under the “Experience” section of your profile by clicking on the “+” symbol.

Next, add “Champion” to the Title field and “TapGoods” as the Company.

Also, update your Headline field to include your new role as a “Champion at TapGoods” and include selling language to your profile Description to helps your network understand what your role as a TapGoods Champion means. We suggest using the following copy and incorporating it into your existing description. Description suggestion:

Leading the Rentalution towards a better way of renting through the power of TapGoods.

Finally, don’t forget to turn on the “Share with network” button at the bottom, making sure your entire network see these changes will help spread the word.