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Send out an intro email to all of your leads. Great communication is the secret sauce in building a powerful Champions referral pipeline. To help you get there, we’ve provided a sample introductory email to all of your leads.

Example Email

Hi < Name>,

I hope you’re doing well! I wanted to reach out to you about a powerful tool that has truly revolutionized my business – TapGoods PRO. As you know, running a rental business is challenging. TapGoods has created online software that is both powerful and user-friendly. It has helped us get more done in less time.

Before TapGoods, we used <insert previous software here>,
and it couldn’t hold a candle to the functionality and ease of
use of TapGoods PRO

I’d love to grab some time with you. Are you available <insert a specific date/time>? I’m looking forward to catching up!


<Your Name>