Credit Terms & Statements

Establish Customer Payment Terms

  • Specify Terms (i.e., Net 30) by Company
  • Set Credit Limit by Company
  • Track Usage of Credit Limit
  • Mark Accounts as Frozen if Needed
  • Denote Contacts at Company for Statements and Credit

Create Credit Terms Settings

  • Create Terms Options (i.e. Net 30)
  • Enable Terms as a Payment Type on Storefront Orders
  • Set Date for Adjusting Payment Limit (i.e. on Reservation)
  • Set Invoice Date for Payments Due (i.e. on Delivery)

Accept Customer Credit Terms as a Payment Type

  • See Credit Limit and Limit Remaining on the Order Billing Page
  • Select Credit Terms as Payment Type if Enough Credit is Available
  • Add Late Fees

See Terms-Related Data

  • View Accounts Receivable (including Limit, Remaining, Due Date, and Last Payment)
  • View AR Aging (including AR, Last Payment Date, and Aging Category)

Manage Statements

  • Select Invoices to Include on Statements
  • See Active Statements and Payment Status
  • Apply Payments to Statements and Orders
  • Manage Statement Status
  • Email Statements (including Documents, if you wish)
  • Maintain Records on Statement Emails
  • Bulk Print Statements