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TapGoods PRO & Storefront revolutionizes floral design management, enabling you to create stunning proposals, attractive webpages, and streamline your operations all in one place.

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Show Off Your Work

Inspire your clients with a gallery of past events. Or use our ‘Get the Look’ feature and allow customers to easily rent the exact inventory used in showcased designs.

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Customizable Proposals and Templates

Generate beautiful, detailed proposals with ease using our customizable templates. TapGoods ensures  your clients receive all the necessary information to make informed decisions quickly.

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Customizable Floral Bundles

Offer your clients both locked and unlocked price bundles, giving them the flexibility to choose arrangements that meet their budget and style preferences.

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Grow Your Floral Design
Business With TapGoods

Welcome to the last upgrade you’ll ever need. TapGoods PRO & Storefront is the most comprehensive software solution TapGoods PRO & Storefront is designed to handle the unique demands of floral design and event styling businesses. Check out these features:

Boost Quote Conversions

Our florist software allows you to transform proposals into signed contracts. TapGoods manages the entire booking process, keeping you organized! This results in a great customer experience, and more money-making potential.

Improve Cash Flow

More money, less problems. TapGoods automatically generates customizable invoices for every order that can be sent in just a few clicks. Additionally, your customers will enjoy easy and secure online payments!

Streamline Operations

Bye, bye busy work! Our floral inventory software automates key areas in your rental business so you can focus more time on allowing more time for design and customer service.

Earn More From Your Goods

Maximize the full potential of your inventory using our florist software. TapGoods tracks the usage and maintenance of your items so that you can maximize your ROI.

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Reduce Errors

No more oops moments. Our floral inventory software simplifies operations with automatic calculations and real-time inventory tracking, which lowers risk and saves money for our users.

Modernize Your Online Experience

Your customers are worth it. Show them. TapGoods provides a seamless experience for your customers at every touchpoint, from a convenient online portal and event showcase, to simple online payment and e-signatures.

Unlock Valuable Insights

Don’t just run your business, grow it. Tap into powerful insights with robust reporting and integrate with QuickBooks and Power BI.

Onboard & Grow with Live Support

Get by with a little help from your friends (at TapGoods). Seamless onboarding, expert resources, and ongoing updates — it’s all supported by our proactive team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. All contracts can be signed electronically and will be stored on the cloud for easy access. You can open any order and see the copy of the contract and electronic signature.

  • Yes, and with TapGoods you can see your inventory across multiple locations and seamlessly move it to fulfill orders and increase your utilization rates.

  • Yes. TapGoods integrates with QuickBooks, Samsara, and Zapier!

  • Yes. Routing is built into the software and integrated with Google maps, which will save you hours of time planning out delivery routes.

  • Yes, inventory management and order tracking are the backbone of the database.

  • Yes, TapGoods can automatically send invoices and contracts to customers. This is among several other automated communications that our system can deploy, saving you time every day.

  • Yes, with TapGoods Storefront your customers can create a wishlist or even convert that into a reservation based on criteria you set.

  • Yes. TapGoods has many standard reports like Profitability, Revenue by Contact, Item History, etc. And you will have the option to custom build reports specifically for your casino rental business.

  • Yes. TapGoods is known for outstanding service. Support Agents typically respond to open tickets within 12 minutes during business hours!

TapGoods has improved our customer experience in a variety of ways.

— Michael Martinis, Marquee Event Rentals

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