TapGoods Storefront
For Inflatables

Once you’re on TapGoods PRO, you’ll be able to create a site in minutes that syncs with your inventory and allows customers to place and manage orders.

Pick a theme, then customize it with your colors, photos, content, and inventory.

Create An
Online Storefront

Launch a powerful, beautiful, user-friendly, fully integrated ecommerce site in moments.

Customize your look.

Choose your theme. Upload your logo.
Select your colors. Pick your font.

Select your content.

Upload text.  Add your social media channels.  Decide which pages to include and what inventory to feature.  See how it all looks.

Keep site inventory current.

Enjoy seamless inventory integration between your management system and your Storefront.

Make Placing
and Changing
Orders Simple

Offer your customers a rental process that’s as much fun as the events they’re planning.

Enable customers to review, sign, and pay.

Invite customers to see their active and historic rentals and to sign agreements and pay invoices with a click.

Be accessible.

Allow customers to request and track rental order changes online, from any device/anywhere!

Allow customers to create rental quotes.

Welcome your customers to see your latest inventory, select what they need, and submit an online order. Then, you can accept, decline, or change the order.

Capture More
Business From
Your Customers

Earn more of your customers’ business by being easy to work with.

Get bookmarked.

Become an indispensable go-to spot on the Web for your active renters.

Create buzz.

Let your customers sing your praises as a business at the forefront of great service.

Get that extra order.

Earn more business from your best customers.


Clean. Simple. Bright.


Bold. Smart. New.

Hard to Say Goodbye?

With TapGoods Storefront+, you can also keep your current site and super-charge it with new functionality:

  • Fully integrated quotes and orders
  • Site updates with a click
  • Sycned inventory
  • Online signature and payments

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