TapGoods is an all-in-one, all-included rental software solution that is built for today’s AND tomorrow’s rental company, with features that launch every couple of weeks!

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TapGoods is an all-in-one, all-included rental software solution that is built for today’s AND tomorrow’s rental company, with features that launch every couple of weeks!

With the move from Point of Rental to TapGoods, we’ve doubled our revenue, with half the staff.


Integrated ecommerce that updates instantly.

No. Module$. Needed!

Update your website when you want it updated. With TapGoods, everything is at your fingertips. Features like:

  • Syncing your inventory.
  • Customer signatures.
  • Accepting payments online.
  • Email or message your customer right from the software.
  • All of it. Included. No module purchases needed.

TapGoods works smarter & harder.

“No more internal time wasted keeping everyone up to date.”

With TapGoods Order Tracker and too many features to list here, everyone in the company and your customers can instantly know the status of any order at any moment.

How long has it been since you’ve reevaluated your software?

“We didn’t even realize [Point of Rental] was holding us back and not allowing us to grow to our potential.”

Time flies — technology advances. TapGoods cuts out many of the steps needed in Point of Rental and removes the need for steps outside of the system.

Plus, features launch every two weeks with TapGoods, and they’re all built in. Who knows how much time that new feature could save you!

Up & running in no time!

“Total time to switch was about a month for inventory… maybe two weeks to flesh out the website and train our staff.”

TapGoods support is always here and incredibly responsive. Plus the software is so beautiful and intuitive, it will cut down on order creation time and increase accuracy.

A Few Reasons Why Rental Businesses Are Picking TapGoods

TapGoods Cloud Rental Software

Quote Builder + Integrated Ecommerce

Allow customers to shop and rent online with TapGoods Storefront, the only site builder designed for rentals. Add a cart to your existing site or create a brand new site. TapGoods has a solution to fit your site needs.

Order Status And The “Magic Blue Button”

See the stage of each order at a glance – and click to move it forward. Let the system help you quickly move through your orders and start collecting payments in a flash.

Barcoded Inventory

Swipe inventory in and out. With our fully integrated barcoding system and barcode starter kit, TapGoods makes managing barcodes easy.

Variable Sales Tax

Tax your customers according to where the rental takes place. No more searching zip codes and guessing tax rates in different areas.

Don’t Pay Extra for Features that Come Standard with TapGoods PRO

No Upfront Cost

Start using TapGoods with no up-front cost. Master the system, with its intuitive interface, in a day or two. Enjoy the benefits of smart, powerful, modern software and keep the money in your pocket.

TapGoods Vs Booqable - Delivery

Delivery & Routing

Manage trucks within your system. With TapGoods, you can assign orders to trucks, get directions, and oversee delivery and pickup times.

Automatic Billing/Invoicing

Set up scheduled payments in a sync and stop worrying about when your next payment is coming in. Set billing intervals by week or month.

Buyer’s Guide

Ready to get serious about your search?
Our FREE Buyer’s Guide can help!

It’s packed with useful information including:

  • 10 things to ask about rental software
  • A full list of TapGoods’ features
  • The ability to compare TapGoods to other software
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    TapGoods Vs Booqable

    Final Payment AutoBill.

    Why chase final payments? With TapGoods, you can set it to autobill and forget it. It’s one of hundreds of features that give rental businesses using TapGoods an edge.

    TapGoods Vs Booqable

    Quotes and Proposals.

    In a few quick taps, get an accurate, image-rich quote out the door; in a few more, add a full proposal.

    TapGoods Vs Booqable

    Warehouse Management.

    Use a warehouse manager view to see all orders being checked out or checked in, and filter by pick status or alert.