Rental Agreement

For All Parties

  • I agree to be respectful to others in the TapGoods community.
  • I agree to communicate all issues, questions, and logistics with the Renter/Owner in a timely manner.
  • I agree to be punctual for the hand-offs at the beginning of a rental period and for the returns at the end of a rental period.
  • I agree that TapGoods is not responsible for the damage, theft, or loss of rented goods.
  • I agree that TapGoods is not responsible for personal injury.
  • I agree to TapGoods collecting data on my activity while using the site and that this information will be used to improve the service.
  • I agree to TapGoods sharing my personal information with Owners/Renters who have both agreed to a rental. This personal information includes email addresses and cell phone numbers and is meant to be used to coordinate hand-offs and returns.
  • I agree to accept mediation from the TapGoods staff in the event of a disagreement.

For Renters

  • I agree to make every effort to return goods in the same or better condition than when I rented it from the Owner.
  • I agree to make the Owner immediately aware of any damage or the loss of their goods.
  • I agree that the Owner has the right to charge me up to the replacement value, as determined by TapGoods, if I damage, lose, or otherwise return their goods in worse condition than before the rental period.
  • I agree that the Owner has the right to charge me a rental fee and penalty for any items returned late.
  • I agree that I’m responsible for injuries or damage that result from the use of goods rented on TapGoods.
  • I agree to provide a rating of both the owner and the item after each rental. (Ratings help the community greatly.)

For Owners

  • I attest that I legally own all items that I put up for rental on TapGoods. I also attest that I will not post firearms, tobacco products, anything whose value is greater than $10,000, or anything illegal in my jurisdiction.
  • I agree to accurately and truthfully describe the present condition of the goods on my TapGoods Listing Page.
  • I agree that everything I list on TapGoods is in good working condition, not under recall, and is safe for use by others.
  • I agree to keep a record of the condition of my goods before and after a rental for use in dispute resolution.
  • I agree to inform TapGoods of any issues with a rental within 24 hours of the return of the good.
  • I agree that TapGoods will collect a fee, currently 20% of the rental charge and at least $2 per rental.
  • I agree to provide a rating of each renter, knowing how important accurate ratings are for the TapGoods community.
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