TapGoods Door-to-Door

Convenience... delivered. Sometimes it’s just easier to let the professionals deal with pick up and delivery. That’s why we offer TapGoods Door-to-Door, our delivery service. For just a little bit extra, renters can have the item delivered to their doorstep – or wherever they want to use it.

TapGoods Door-to-Door

Basic Delivery $13.50 each way.

TapGoods Door-to-Door is your secret to convenient rentals – delivered when and where you need it. Paid by the renter.

Add-ons include:

  • Deliveries more than 10 miles: $5
  • Bulky items: $5 (This is anything that you can’t easily fit into the trunk of a sedan or lift on your own – we can help you figure out if this applies.)
  • Delivery window reduced to two hours: $5 (The standard window is four hours.)
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