Who We Are

TapGoods enables its users to rent what they need and return it when they're done – saving lots of money and space – or earn some easy money by renting out what they're not using.

TapGoods exists to help people get more use out of the goods that so often sit idle in garages, storage closets, and attics. Things like sports equipment, tools, home and gardening equipment, party supplies, and hobby items - specifically speaking, things like bikes, car-top carriers, bouncy castles, pressure washers, leaf blowers, musical instruments, kayaks... you get the idea.

On the flip side, if you're someone who needs something, say for a special weekend or project, you can always stop by the website and save money – and some space in your home – by renting instead of purchasing what you need.

Think of it as an online neighborhood filled with open garages where people can put their unused stuff on display.

Others can peek in, see what they have, and then rent what they need for a fair and friendly price. Also, with the TapGoods Guarantee, your stuff is well protected - anything damaged or destroyed is covered up to $10,000. It's kind of like "neighborhood watch" looking out for your best interest.

But a neighborhood can't exist without its people.

A community can't thrive unless it's alive. That's why TapGoods gives its people the power, and that means you. You're the one who decides how stuff gets delivered, including professional pick-up and return. You set the prices. You set the times. You set the parameters.

And since people are the ones who have all the goods, you and your neighbors will be the ones who ultimately decide what's available in the TapGoods marketplace – what's worth renting and for how much, because you'll also be the ones borrowing. Finally, with the TapGoods rating system, you'll be able to decide what the TapGoods community actually looks like – who's in? who's out?.

You see, we believe in a future where people get the most out of the things they buy and where there's an alternative resource for acquiring items that you might only use a few times a year. We want you to be a part of that future.