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ROI Calculator | How To Calculate Return on Equipment Investments

Starting a rental business? Choosing the right equipment for your rental business isn’t just about following…

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10 Easy Ways to Use AI for Your Rental Business

Let’s face it: no matter how you feel about it, it’s time to use AI for your business or risk being left behind.…

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Should You Use a Barcode System For Your Rental Business?

Are you constantly tangled up in inventory tracking or feel like managing your rental items could be smoother? If…

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3 Things (Besides Money) That Show a Business Is Doing Well

You’ve heard the old saying, “Money isn’t everything,” right? Well, guess what? It’s…

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How Much Should Rental Companies Charge for Labor?

Starting a rental business comes with its fair share of head-scratchers, and figuring out how to price your stuff…

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Protect Your Rental Business from Equipment Theft and Fraud

“In 2023, there were over 2,000 reports of equipment theft in the rental industry” ARA In the rental…

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best tables and chairs

Guide to Buying the Best Tables and Chairs

“Party rental companies enjoy a 10-15% profit margin, which is higher than the average retail business.” TapGoods…

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Optimizing Warehouse Operations

Optimizing Warehouse Operations for Maximum Efficiency in 2024

“Companies that manage their supply chains effectively tend to see faster revenue growth.” Deloitte…

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Person paying on rental business website

The Amazon Experience: 3 Key Takeaways for the Rental Industry

“Amazon was responsible for 37.6% of US eCommerce spending in 2023 — a figure which is expected to rise by another 11.7%…

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Rental business team

Hiring Top Talent for your Rental Business in 2024

Motivated and engaged employees are 41% more likely to show up to work. Mariana Preprotic Identifying the…

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Venue on a preferred venue list

4 Steps to Become a Preferred Vendor of an Event Venue

Being a “preferred vendor” shows potential customers that a venue trusts your business, and that you will do a good job. DJay…

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Search engine optimization for small rental businesses

Mastering SEO: A Beginner’s Guide for Small Rental Businesses

“The top 5 results in Google get almost 70% of all clicks.” Advance Metrics SEO Basics for Small…

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Why Customer Service is Pivotal to Success in the Rental Industry

The reason that Amazon is so successful is their total commitment to the customer experience. Chris MacNeil…

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How to start party rental business in 2023

5 Crucial Steps for Starting an Event Rental Business in 2024

“Party rental businesses enjoy an impressive 10-15% profit margin, surpassing the average retail business.”…

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Where to buy commercial grade tents

All About Tents | 20 FAQs on Tent Rentals

Effective risk management is essential to your bottom line. ARA When it comes to running successful events,…

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