5 iPad Screens of TapGoods PRO - Rental tool, event, and audio visual software

Renting stuff?
That’s as hard as
it’s always been.

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With just a tap, we can buy whatever we want, get a ride, secure a dinner reservation, or do countless other things that make our lives simpler and better.

TapGoods makes
renting delightful,
for the first time ever.

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It’s challenging for both rental businesses and for their customers, who typically use old technology to process transactions.  TapGoods is changing that.

Improve operations.
Delight your customers.
Grow your business.

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TapGoods, which started as a peer-to-peer rental marketplace, shifted its focus in early 2017. Now we are focused on helping rental businesses THRIVE!

Rental Companies that use TapGoods report:

Getting Twice as Much Done
Growing Revenue and Profit 50%+
Having Happier Team Members and Customers