Welcome to

TapGoods Storefront

Fully integrated commerce, designed specifically for rental businesses.

Welcome to

TapGoods Storefront

Fully integrated commerce, designed specifically for rental businesses.
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Storefront Basics

Customer Portal

Invite your customers to sign and pay online. Design the experience to match your brand. Gain the power of Storefront Basics, which comes with TapGoods PRO, at no additional cost.

  • Capture contract signatures online
  • Collect payment with a click
  • Design the portal to match your brand
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With TapGoods Storefront Basics, which comes at no additional charge for TapGoods PRO subscribers, you can customize your customer portal with your logo, company color scheme, and font choice.

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Manage Quotes and Reservations

Using the portal, customers login to easily access information associated with current quotes and reservations and with prior orders. Customers can also sign rental agreements using their mouse or, if on a touch device, their finger. Customers can submit payments on the portal, using any major credit card or their bank account (ACH).

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Sign & Pay

Storefront Basics is, of course, fully integrated with TapGoods PRO. Changes to the portal design can be made with a click from within TapGoods PRO. Information from orders flows automatically to the portal. Emails sent to customers link to the portal. And, signatures and payments received on the portal are reflected in real-time within the order information on TapGoods PRO.

Storefront+ Cart

Integrated Ecommerce

Power your current site with full ecommerce. With a new ‘shop’ link, enable customers to submit quote requests or orders, fully integrated with your rental management system.

  • Add ecommerce to your current site, regardless of the system it’s built in
  • Display inventory from your TapGoods PRO rental management system
  • Invite customers to select inventory and submit a quote or order
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Add Power to Your Current Site

With Storefront+ Cart, you can add the power of ecommerce to your current site. You may have a site built in WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, another site builder, or built from scratch. No worries. With TapGoods Storefront+ Cart, you can simply add a button to your current site to gain the power of full ecommerce. Following the ‘shop’ navigation on your site (or whatever label you choose), customers will open a new tab with a full store interface.

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Unleash the Power of Ecommerce

Customers will be able to see your latest inventory, add items to a cart, and submit their request or order. Everything is designed perfectly for rentals, including delivery type and order, return dates, and pricing for rentals. You can also:

  • Determine the order in which inventory is displayed on search results
  • Include or exclude item pricing
  • Show just the rental inventory you want – and at different quantities than you actually have available, if you prefer
  • Include SEO-friendly meta tags and keywords on each inventory page
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Manage Incoming Quotes and Orders

You can opt to enable autobooking, such that customers can proceed immediately to pay. Or, you may choose to receive requests to review and approve. Either way, orders flow directly from your Storefront into your TapGoods PRO rental management system.

See Storefront+ Cart
In Action

Integrated Ecommerce on Your Current Site

A ‘shop’ or ‘rent’ button can be added to your site, however your site is made. This link allows customers to see inventory and process rentals. And, it enables you to receive orders 24×7!

See a sample Storefront+ Cart on Sites Built Using: 

Storefront+ Complete

Full Site

Leverage the only site builder designed for rental companies. Offer click-to-rent. Keep your site updated with powerful and easy tools, fully integrated into TapGoods PRO.

  • Explore our Theme Showcase to see some inspiring designs
  • Update your site with a click – no tech experience needed
  • Use your own domain name and connect your social platforms
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Enjoy the Only Site Builder Made for Rental Companies

There are lots of site building tools out there. TapGoods Storefront+ Complete is the only one designed especially for rental companies.

With this powerful system, creating and updating a site is in your control. It’s beautiful, customized, and super easy. No technical skill is needed, and you can make changes or additions in a click.

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Create a Beautiful Site

With TapGoods Storefront+ Complete, we start by helping you select an inspiring theme. From there, we tap into the images and words that describe what makes you so special and create your new site. Or, you can use the easy tools we provide to create the site yourself.

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Include High-Impact Content and Functionality

In addition to full, integrated ecommerce, your new site can include:

  • Showcase pages, where you select inventory to feature (customers can click to add to their cart)
  • Pages that feature photos and allow customers to click to add items from pics into their rental cart
  • Video and photos, including a gallery, ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages, FAQs, testimonials, and a customized footer
  • Full social media integration, including, if you wish, an Instagram feed
Storefront+ Themes

Stand out. Select a theme that reflects your style. Pick the colors and fonts that reflect your style, add photos and videos, and make your presence known.

Storefront+ Advanced

SEO and More

Attract new customers to your Storefront with search engine optimization (SEO). Also, use your site to support multi-location operations and customized needs.

  • Gain details of your current search results on relevant keywords
  •  Learn specific tips to drive organic search results
  • Use your site to support unique aspects of your business, including multi-location
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Show Up in Search Results

With our Storefront+ Complete offering, customers receive a variety of services to support their Google organic search results.

TapGoods provides:

  • Keyword research and recommendations
  • Backlink analysis (an understanding of other sites linked to yours, which impacts search results)
  • Site analysis and recommendations
  • Search competitor analysis
  • Ideas for improvement
  • Tracking to show changes over time
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Get Affordable, Smart SEO

Storefront+ Complete subscribers receive a monthly report and an optional review meeting, including recommendations and support for improving search results.

This type of search engine optimization (SEO) package typically costs $500-$2,000 per month. TapGoods Storefront subscribers are able to get it by moving from Storefront+ Complete to Storefront+ Advanced, an upgrade which costs just $100 per month.

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Get Multilocation Capabilities

Storefront+ Complete is also used by multi-location companies and those looking for custom functionality.

Storefront+ Themes

Stand out. Select a theme that reflects your style. Pick the colors and fonts that reflect your style, add photos and videos, and make your presence known.

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