TapGoods PRO

The rental industry’s
most powerful, user-friendly
rental management software.

TapGoods PRO offers everything needed to run a smooth, profitable rental business – all in one easy software package. With robust tools to manage inventory, scheduling, invoices, payments, customers, warehouse, routing, and everything in between, TapGoods can power your rental business to the next level.

Core Features

Full Users 1 Full User 3 Full Users 5 Full Users
Partial Users 2 Partial Users 3 Partial Users
Additional Users
Additional Full Users $49/mo (paid $588/yr)
Or, $59/mo (annual term)
$79/mo (paid $948/yr)
Or, $99/mo (annual term)
$99/mo (paid $1,188/yr)
Or, $119/mo (annual term)
Additional Partial Users $15/mo (paid $180/yr)
Or, $19/mo (annual term)
$15/mo (paid $180/yr)
Or, $19/mo (annual term)
$15/mo (paid $180/yr)
Or, $19/mo (annual term)
Inventory Management
Items Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Barcoded Inventory* 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Inventory Tracking
Availability & Overbooking Prevention
Multilocation Inventory Management
Customizable Pricing
Order Management
Order Management Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Quick Quotes & Custom Proposals
Personalized & Automated Customer Communication
Subrental Management
Signable Legal Agreements
Secondary Orders
Warehouse Operations
Routing & Tracking
Staffing Management
Maintenance Scheduling
Delivery GPS & Telematics*
Picklist Manager

Data Collection & Management
Robust & Custom Reporting
Advanced Custom Reporting Let's Talk!
Integrated Website (Storefront Basics)
Customizable Design & Content
Events, Signatures & Payments
Accounting & Payment Collection
QuickBooks Integration
Customizable Accounting
Additional Features
Market Items On Marketplace
Services & Recurring Services
POS Devices*
Customizable Permissions
Custom Configurations & Functionality Let's Talk!
Powerful Integrations Let's Talk!
Support Standard Select Premier

*Devices sold separately. And, for GPS integration with TapGoods, there is an additional per device fee.

All Prices are in $US. $CAD prices are an estimate. Prices shown do not include tax.

Subscriptions may be canceled within the first 30 days, and subscribers paying yearly who cancel may receive a refund for the remaining 11 months of the subscription term. (This cancellation provision will not apply, however, when custom functionality is required by the new subscriber.) Beyond the initial 30-day period, the minimum subscription duration – whether payments are made annually or monthly – is 1 year.


All Plans Offer

Marketplace 15% Referral Fee

Reventals Marketplace

Market your inventory on Reventals, the largest event rental marketplace. More marketplaces focused on other rental categories coming soon!

Payment Processing Icon

Payment Processing

Starting at 1.9% plus $0.30/transaction for credit card payments and 1.0% plus $0.15/transaction for eCheck (ACH) transactions.
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Add Ons

But Wait! There’s More.

TapGoods Storefront Themes

TapGoods Storefront

Meet the only site builder designed for rental companies. With a Storefront plan, your ecommerce seamlessly integrates with TapGoods PRO.

TapGoods Client Success Team

TapGoods Support

We get it — switching softwares can be tough. Our onboarding packages are designed to help with setup, transition, training, and post live support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is no setup fee or additional costs, but many clients choose to purchase an onboarding package. These packages help customers get set up, moved over, and trained in a short period of time.

  • Yes! You can get a 7 day Free Trial. Just sign up here.

  • The security of Personal Information is a high priority at TapGoods. We maintain our TapGoods Services and all associated data with technical, administrative and physical safeguards to protect against loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, modification and improper disclosure.

  • Cloud-based software allows you to access applications and services securely over the internet, providing flexibility, scalability, and hassle-free maintenance. Embrace the cloud to enhance accessibility, streamline operations, and focus on your business goals without the burden of managing local infrastructure. With so many employees needing remote access, cloud-based is the best option for most rental companies.

  • If you need more seats, you can easily add them to your agreement at any time directly within the user interface.

  • While you can’t reduce the number of seats during your agreement, don’t worry! Your seats are interchangeable, allowing you to easily swap out specific users to meet your evolving needs.

  • To get started, all you need is your credit card. For an optimal onboarding experience, having your current inventory and contact data available is recommended but not mandatory – it’s a great way to set yourself up for success.