Onboarding & Support

Onboard & Grow
with Live Support

You’re not in this alone! At TapGoods, we take pride in our product and want to ensure that every client has an amazing experience. That’s why we hire only the best to guide and support you through your journey!

Onboard and Grow with Live Support on Desktop
Onboard with ease


Onboard with Ease

As you make the switch to TapGoods, we’ll pair you with a dedicated Onboarding Specialist. They’ll hold regular meetings with you to assist in setting up your account, uploading inventory, and mastering the ins and outs of our system.

Access a wealth of knowledge

Knowledge Base

Access a Wealth of Knowledge

Our extensive knowledge base is your go-to resource, featuring over 500 self-help articles. It’s supplemented with a variety of materials, from training videos to in-app tutorials.

Connect with someone who can help

Human Support

Connect with Someone Who Can Help

With our top-notch support team, help is there when you need it the most!

Stay up to date


Stay Up-to-Date

The world doesn’t stand still, and neither does TapGoods. We regularly roll out updates to improve our product, often based on your feedback.

Benefit from regular follow ups

Relationship Manager

Benefit From Regular Follow Ups

We don’t wait for you to reach out. After you’ve settled into our platform, we assign a Relationship Manager to your account who will regularly check in to help you get the most out of TapGoods as your business and our software evolve.

Go ahead. Help yourself.

Delve deeper into how TapGoods can support your rental business.

Boost Quote Conversions
Improve Cash Flow
Streamline Operations
Earn More From Your Goods
Reduce Errors
Modernize Your Online Experience
Unlock Valuable Insights

Switching over to TapGoods was the best experience ever.

— Samantha Goble, Event Party Rentals

Samantha from the Event Party Rentals