Resources to Help Your Business Be Succesful with TapGoods

With TapGoods, you will receive support from a rich library of online resources and a knowledgable team of Customer Support Specialists. From tutorials and videos to a dedicated TapGoods Specialist, each tier in PRO comes with the support you need to succeed.

Tutorials and Videos

Online Classes and Webinars

Technical Issue Reporting and Resolution

7am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri; monitored 24x7 for critical needs

Product Enhancement Requests

Account Set-Up (1 hour)

Including settings, inventory, contacts, product Q&A

Inventory and Contact Import Assistance 

Up to 1 Hour

Up to 3 Hours

Up to 10 Hours

Orientation Session 

Dedicated Onboarding Specialist

Post Account Set-Up Training

1 hour

Product Training Sessions

Up to 4/year, 1 hour each 

Upcoming Feature Reviews 

Online Client Success Support  

i.e. product solutions, process support  

Preferred Priority Support Tickets

Preferred Priority Product Enhancement Requests

Support and Training Until Fully Live

Resources to Elevate Your Ecommerce with TapGoods

With TapGoods, you will receive support for your Storefront from a team of Creatives and Customer Support Specialists. From creative direction and website design to domain support and SEO set up, we’ll guide you through the full Storefront process from conception to ongoing updates.


Hosting and Backup

SEO Meta Tag and Keyword Fields

Site Prototype

Site Design and Branding

Up to 2 Hours

Up to 8 Hours

Stock Photography/Videos

Up to 5 Images

Up to 10 Images

Domain Redirect 

Creative Consultation

Site Updates (per year)

Up to 10 Hours

Landing Page (for multilocation) 

Up to 3 Hours

SEO Tag Transfer and Writing 

Up to 3 Hours

Additional Support

Additional Support Packages



   Bronze (up to 5 hours per year) 



   Silver (up to 10 hours per year)



   Gold (up to 20 hours per year) 



   Platinum (up to 45 hours per year) 



   Or, Per Hour:



Additional support may be used for tasks, such as:

   Inventory and/or Customer Data Import

   Account Set-Up 

   Product Training 

   Live Client Success Support 

   Software Integrations

   Custom Feature Support

   Support for Barcoding, POS, Routing, and Multi-Location

   Inventory Images

   SEO Customization

   Storefront Design and Updates

All prices are in $US. $CAD prices are an estimate.