Meet Our Team

Client Success

Our Client Success Team is all about making sure you have the support you need, whenever you need it. From answering your questions to solving any challenges that come up, we’re here for you at every step. We’re dedicated to helping our clients thrive.

About TapGoods Client Success Team
Onboarding Specialists

Our First Line

Your Onboarding Specialist is here to train you and your team on our software, help with inventory setup, and support you every step of the way. Think of them as your go-to resource from day one, ensuring you and your team are confident and ready to make the most of TapGoods.

About TapGoods Client Success Team - Joseph

Client Success Manager

Joseph Philips

Can juggle while reciting the alphabet backward. Bet you haven’t seen that!

About TapGoods Client Success Team - Anastasiya

Onboarding Specialist

Anastasiya Vasylyeva

Parent to two pugs who snore louder than they bark.

Relationship Managers

You’re Never On Your Own

Once you’re fully live with TapGoods PRO, we introduce you to your Relationship Manager. They’ll touch base regularly to discuss how you’re using TapGoods, explore new features, and dive into your business growth and quarterly goals. Because when you thrive, we all do!

About TapGoods Client Success Team - Adrian

Relationship Manager

Adrian Cruz

Great dancer with moves as smooth as my morning coffee.

About TapGoods Client Success Team - Dominique

Relationship Manager

Dominique Sparkman

From the art studio to the yoga mat, I eat, sleep, and breathe serenity.


We’re Here to Help

Our support team is unbeatable – no, seriously! They are on standby, eager to help with any questions you have about TapGoods. We’re committed to making sure your experience is convenient and satisfying, providing expert assistance whenever needed.

About TapGoods Client Success Team - Michelle

Client Support Manager

Michelle Meador

A detective novel fanatic.

About TapGoods Client Success Team - Andrew

Support Specialist

Andrew Tavares

Started working with computer science at 8 years old. Got a tech question? I’ve probably got the answer!

About TapGoods Client Success Team - Felipe

Support Specialist

Felipe Dias

You can find me cheering on my favorite team, I’m all about the game!