Accounting & Payment Collection

Accounting & Payment Collection

Collect Payments Faster

  • Use integrated credit card processing at a competitive rate
  • Get 24×7 online or phone merchant services support
  • Take payments online, adding a customer benefit and speeding up collections
  • Create payment terms (i.e., net 30 or due on receipt), which can be displayed on invoices
  • Process credit card payments using on-file credit cards
  • Specify a default deposit percentage – and change individual orders to payment in full, payment in full by one payment or no deposit if you wish
  • Track payment history, including who paid when, and with what form of payment
  • Accept eChecks (ACH)
  • Record cash and check payments
  • Accept ‘other’ payment types, which could include Venmo, PayPal, credit memo
  • Provide refunds with a click and track refund reasons with a note
  • See all payments info within the order record
  • View and filter orders by payment status (not paid, fully paid, partially paid)
  • Edit details on or delete check/cash/other payments

Accept Payments in Person with POS

  • Order Point of Sale (POS) devices, connected via Ethernet or Bluetooth/Wifi that integrate with TapGoods PRO
  • Click within TapGoods PRO to signal the POS device to accept payment
  • Accept in-person credit and debit card payments via swiped, dipped, or tapped cards
  • Enable multiple devices within a location
  • Lower processing costs with card present transactions
  • Gain chargeback benefits with dipped or tapped transactions

Automatically Collect Final Balance

  • Set default final balance due date as a specified number of days before or after event start, event end, or event creation
  • Adjust final balance due date on each order
  • Set final balance  to automatically bill a specified customer and payment method
  • Set multiple payment notifications to automatically send at specified number of days before the event date unless full payment has been received
  • Disable some or all default payment notifications on a given rental

Schedule Recurring Billing

  • Set orders to automatically charge customers on a recurring basis
  • Customize recurring billing frequency – weekly or monthly
  • Establish when recurring billing occurs – day of the week for weekly billing or 1st, 15th, or last day of the month for monthly billing
  • Set payment method for recurring billing
  • Confirm recurring billing schedule and scheduled payments with customizable automated emails
  • Display recurring billing info to customers via TapGoods Storefront
  • Display failed recurring billing payments on dashboard

Place Credit Card Authorization Holds

  • Hold a specified amount of funds on a customer’s payment card without charging the funds
  • See the value of the inventory to use in setting the hold amount
  • Release, partially release, or change the amount of the hold

Oversee Accounting Smoothly

  • Conduct most financial operations within TapGoods PRO – invoicing, payment reminders, payment collections, sales tax
  • Integrate directly with QuickBooks Online
  • Map account names in QuickBooks to TapGoods field names
  • Choose to integrate with QuickBooks at either a journal entry level or by syncing each invoice
  • Pass order totals for items, staffing, delivery, discounts, and damage waiver from TapGoods into QuickBooks
  • Toggle specific orders and transaction off if you wish to exclude them from QuickBooks syncing
  • Export customizable transaction and payment data for easy import into any accounting tool
  • Select variable sales tax (which calculates based on delivery address for delivered orders), set a manual sales tax rate, or exclude sales tax
  • Override sales tax settings on an order
  • Add a convenience fee for credit card orders if you wish

Manage Taxes for Canadian Businesses

  • Display GST number on invoices
  • Enable variable tax rate in Canada based on GST and PST of the order location
  • Set tax-exemption for GST, PST, or both

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