Smartly Track Contacts

  • Track info on customers, contacts, and venues
  • Associate customers (people) with companies and venues, and vice versa
  • Automatically populate venue address and notes (i.e., floor plan, delivery details) onto rentals
  • Autocomplete venue addresses
  • Capture and see drivers license info on customers, if that is part of your business practice
  • Track tax-exemption and auto-populate tax status onto new rentals
  • Denote which contacts are planners – and see that info represented on rentals
  • Store and access documents electronically by contact
  • Upload, store, and use contact-specific rental agreement templates
  • View and link to past rentals by customer or company
  • Assign discounts by customer and company
  • Auto-populate discounts onto new rentals
  • Upload .EPS files to order documents or contact documents (Customer, Company, Venue)

Assign Contacts to Rentals

  • Select any number of customers and companies to include in rentals
  • Designate any number of Primary Contacts
  • Denote which contacts you want to receive automated emails about their order

Manage Document Expiration

  • Mark documents added to the Customers, Companies, or Venues page as having expiration dates, and include the expiration date
  • View an alert when documents reach their expiration date
  • Set new orders to be blocked until the expiration is resolved
  • Receive an email when a document expires, and see expirations on the Dashboard
  • View a notification of documents with expiration within Orders, including an alert if the document is expired

Tend to Customer Satisfaction

  • Leverage integrated Net Promoter System (NPS), widely respected as the best measure of customer loyalty
  • Click to turn on automated NPS surveys following rentals
  • Turn off NPS for any select rentals
  • See NPS report, which calculates a score based on promoters, passives, and detractors
  • Learn from the data, including customer comments, to continually improve business performance