Delivery Vehicle GPS Tracking & Telematics

Delivery Vehicle GPS Tracking & Telematics

Installation and Support

  • Easily connect devices to vehicles, with video or live support
  • Gain access to both enhanced vehicle tools on TapGoods and robust functionality via our partner sites  

Real-Time GPS

  • See real-time location of each vehicle
  • Geofence vehicles, getting automatic text or email notifications of abnormal activity

Trip History

  • Analyze trip data to improve driver and trip efficiency
  • Monitor vehicle speed and harsh driving events to prevent accidents and increase driver safety
  • See time spent at each location to gain visibility and flag unauthorized or inefficient activity

Fleet Optimization

  • Gain fleet utilization data to automate preventative maintenance, reduce downtime, identify fuel waste, and right-size your fleet
  • Get data-rich fuel reports to monitor vehicle performance, see idle time, and improve inefficiency
  • Protect vehicle health and extend vehicle lifetime with proactive diagnostics and error code reporting 
  • See key vehicle info, including fuel level, engine coolant temperature, and battery voltage 


  • Equip vehicles with 2-way AI HD dash cams
  • Coach drivers with in-cab audio alerts (i.e., tailgating, speeding, no seatbelt)
  • Review video and vehicle data from incidents (i.e., distraction, hard braking)
  • View safety scorecards, risk reports, and in-depth analytics