Inventory Availability Management

Inventory Availability Management

Manage Inventory Availability

  • Track usage and availability of each item
  • See item-specific event calendar, including links to events where the item is used and overbooking alert
  • View a detailed monthly calendar by item that includes the number in use on a specified date and time, available at the signed-in location, and for multi-location companies, available at all locations
  • Include turnover (prep) time needed by item
  • Include off-shelf time needed to prep rental

Manage Overbooking

  • See overbooking list on dashboard
  • Use “soft holds” to manage situations when all potential orders coming in would create an overbooking
  • Manage overbooking by subrenting within the system (via TapGoods Connect) or outside the system or by increasing inventory
  • Record “buffer percentage” to activate a warning if inventory usage is approaching total inventory amount

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