Inventory Management & Tracking

Inventory Management & Tracking

Track Rental Items

  • Add new items by uploading a spreadsheet, creating from scratch, or starting with and adapting a similar item
  • List pricing by hour, day, week, month, or flat rate
  • Add and name multiple new flat prices (i.e., 3-day, festival, holiday weekend)
  • Show just the pricing rates – time-based or flat – that are being used
  • Set a default pricing structure by item
  • Include photos, color, material, description, and dimensions
  • Tag items (with an unlimited number of tags) and customize categories to group items
  • Specify warehouse location and notes
  • Capture inventory ledger, including quantity, purchase date, cost, supplier name, PO #, and supplier notes
  • Record inventory disposition, including quantity, disposition date, sale price, buyer name, PO #, and buyer notes
  • Note whether an item is always tax-exempt
  • Record whether an item is excluded from damage waiver fees
  • Attain a unique ID number for each inventory item
  • Associate services with inventory

Track Purchases and Accessories

  • Record purchases (for sale items) in the system
  • See purchases on pick lists but not on check-in lists (as they aren’t returned)
  • Record accessories (tag-along inventory that the customer doesn’t pay for) in the system
  • Link an unlimited number of purchases and accessories to rental items
  • Use the appropriate inventory functionality that is available for items (i.e., specifications, buffer, ledger, warehouse location) with purchase and accessories

Create Inventory Bundles

  • Ease the process for renters (and for your rental business) by offering sets of inventory
  • Create bundles, using an unlimited number of items, accessories, and/or purchases
  • Include those components in an unlimited number of bundles and rent or sell them on their own
  • Add the contents of a bundle into a new bundle
  • Automatically track the usage and availability of each component of the bundle separately
  • Price the bundle the same as the sum of the prices of each component – or differently
  • Specify bundle pricing as either ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’
  • Create ‘unlocked’ bundles with a price that updates, including a discount if you wish, as items are added
  • Share the components of each bundle with customers or keep them hidden, and include customer-facing notes about bundles
  • View the availability of bundles at any time using a color coded calendar, including if one or more components are overbooked

Create Temporary Items

  • Add temporary (single-use) items to a rental
  • Specify item name and quantity
  • Denote price and period (i.e., hourly, daily, weekly, flat fee)
  • Note supplier info and expense
  • Include temporary items on picklist and check-in list
  • Add notes to temporary items

Track Inventory Usage Units

  • Define usage units (i.e., hours, miles, power) for a given item
  • Denote the usage level on check out and check in
  • View a usage history ledger and export usage info
  • Include multiple usage units for a given item

Organize by Department

  • Create an unlimited number of department names
  • Assign inventory to departments
  • See department info during check-out and check-in process
  • Access inventory reports with department info