Order Management

Order Management

Move Swiftly Through the Rental Process

  • Quickly see order status with visual indicators (pending, quote, reservation, checked out, checked in, closed, and cancelled)
  • See exactly what is needed to move the order forward (i.e., collect deposit or check in inventory)
  • Click to take the action needed to move forward in the process (i.e., request signature & deposit)
  • Move the order stage backwards, if needed
  • Set quotes to auto-convert when legal agreement and deposit requirements are met
  • See live updates to subtotal during order creation
  • Bulk email invoices from the orders pages

Manage Rental Information

  • See an order ID automatically created for the rental and included on invoices
  • Add and display a custom ID, such as a customer Purchase Order number
  • Capture referral source, and include referral data on export reports

Record Rental Notes

  • Record an unlimited number of notes on the order
  • Format each note, including links
  • Mark each note as visible to customer or not
  • Add item notes, to be seen by internal team
  • See time stamps and list of which team member recorded the note

Establish Rental Defaults

  • Set default order start and end times
  • Set default deposit amount and signature requirement
  • Set default delivery fee, including any combination of fixed fee, percentage of sales, and mileage fee (including mileage over a specified amount)
  • Clarify whether or not to include sales tax on delivery fees
  • Set a default delivery type for new orders – ship, pick-up, or delivery
  • Add custom delivery fees based on zip codes See Video

Administer Fees and Discounts

  • Establish and name discounts and fees (i.e., “friends and family” or “industry”)
  • Set discount or fee as a percentage or fixed dollar amount
  • Easily edit fees and discounts if a change is needed See Video
  • Specify discount or fee as applicable to just the order items or the entire order
  • Exclude any items from item-specific discount or fee
  • See discount and fee total on each order
  • Add fees or discounts to orders
  • Record discounts by company or customer
  • Automatically include specified discounts on new orders
  • Add and remove credit card fees per order See Video
  • Mark inventory and services as eligible or ineligible for discounts
  • Auto populate fees on new orders

Govern Damage Waiver Fees

  • Set a standard damage waiver fee, which can be a fixed amount, a percentage of item order cost, or both
  • Remove or manually set damage waiver fee on given orders
  • Exclude damage waiver fee from specified items
  • Specify the taxability of damage waiver fees

Manage and Communicate Event and Rental Timing

  • Establish event start and end day and time
  • Add off-shelf time
  • Add pick-up and drop-off time windows
  • Include flip time and notes (for when order items are to be moved during the event)
  • Exclude event dates and/or times from customer communications
  • Hide delivery info and/or times from customer communications
  • Determine a “set by” time to inform team members when rentals should be set up for an event by

Manage Expenses

  • Record expenses related to orders
  • See expense info on the order record
  • See net earnings after deducting expenses