Route Trucks

  • List your trucks, including truck name/identifier and details
  • See routing schedule, including delivery/pick-up needs and orders assigned or unassigned to trucks
  • Assign trucks to orders, using a map view, promised delivery window, and order details to support the assignment process
  • Get route and timing for each truck, seeing the most efficient driving directions and estimated arrival time for each location
  • Set default set-up/break down time and adjust that time for each order if needed
  • Add stops, which can be at specified locations and added to the route
  • View estimated arrival times at each location and completion of the route, incorporating drive time
  • Allow for a multiple orders per truck or a single order that requires multiple trucks
  • Capture info on drivers and assign drivers to trucks
  • Filter routing info by truck, driver, and pick-up or drop off
  • Print maps in a variety of formats, including overview, locations, and turn-by-turn directions
  • Mass print routing info