Subrental Management

Subrental Management

Subrent with Ease

  • Manage subrentals with rental companies that don’t use TapGoods
  • Enter supplier and cost info related to the subrental and view that info on the subrental list and dashboard
  • Gain efficiency by subrenting from TapGoods users within the system via TapGoods Connect
  • Locate inventory when you don’t have a needed item – or enough quantity of a needed item
  • Receive industry discounts from many TapGoods Connect businesses
  • Pay seamlessly via ACH
  • Manage subrentals within the system

Market to Other Rental Companies

  • Market your inventory (all or select items) to be rented within TapGoods Connect
  • Maintain control of your inventory, showing inventory to select companies and keeping all of your customer data secure
  • Offer industry discounts, automatically applied to rentals
  • Collect payments via ACH, receiving funds immediately and at a rate favorable to credit card processing

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