Team Coordination

Team Coordination

Establish Permission Levels to Provide Everyone Appropriate Access

  • Include all team members, including warehouse team, drivers, and contractors in the system
  • Add photos of team members
  • Use 5 pre-established permission settings: Admin, Manager, Team Member, Warehouse Manager, Warehouse – and a 6th, Super Admin, for businesses using Multilocation capabilities
  • Adapt permission access levels with a simple click
  • Prevent some team members from changing inventory pricing on orders
  • Provide Warehouse team with the info they need, including pick lists, delivery info, and organization of inventory by header, while not including any pricing info

Assign Team Members to Orders

  • Associate team members with orders
  • Filter order list by team member
  • Email order info to team members within the order record
  • Send emails automatically to assigned team members
  • Allow team members to be an account owner of specific customers
  • Preconfigure commission rates for team members

Print Records from the System

  • Support operations that use printed documents
  • Print picklists, including signature lines for customers to use at delivery and pick-up
  • Print or send PDF’s of invoices
  • Create and print a PDF of selected orders, including all rental details or just the ones that you want, i.e. billing/invoice, rental details, picklist, documents, and routing
  • Print reports
  • Print any routing documents or maps
  • Scale printed invoices to needed sizes See Video
  • Print invoices with or without discounts visible See Video

Sync with Google Calendar

  • Connect to a personal or business Google Calendar
  • Automatically sync order dates onto your calendar
  • Specify order status to sync (i.e., just reservations)