Marketplace: Attracting New Customers

Marketplace: Attracting
New Customers

Market to New Customers

  • Opt to participate in TapGoods Marketplace
  • Choose to include all inventory
  • Select items or bundles to exclude from TapGoods Marketplace, if you wish
  • Publish a company description to be included in Marketplace

Customize Marketplace Settings

  • Set default deposit requirements for orders coming in via TapGoods Marketplace (pay in full, standard deposit, or no deposit)
  • Set default rental agreement signature requirement for orders coming in via TapGoods Marketplace
  • Set minimum order amount for delivery and customer pickup
  • Choose mileage limit for availability of inventory to TapGoods Marketplace renters
  • Turn off prices for items you market on the TapGoods Marketplace

Receive Orders from New Customers 24×7 ($)

  • Attract new customers, including people who don’t currently rent
  • Receive orders in a ‘pending’ status on your dashboard
  • Adapt and accept, accept, or decline incoming Marketplace orders
  • See incoming orders flow directly into quote and reservation status on your TapGoods PRO system
  • Manage inventory overbooking and every other aspect of the reservation as you would orders entered by your staff

Create “Get the Look” Features on Marketplace

  • Select one or many photos that show the look of an event
  • Name the look
  • Add up to 4 credits (i.e., photo, planner, stylist)
  • Specify which rental items are part of the look
  • Submit the look for approval and toggle publishing or or off
  • Advertise the look on TapGoods Marketplace (free for a limited time!)
  • Pay for participation in TapGoods Marketplace only when you receive payment on new orders that you accept