Quick Quotes & Custom Proposals

Quick Quotes & Custom Proposals

Quickly Create and Email Quotes

  • Quickly add inventory onto quotes, including related accessories and purchases
  • See available inventory on the selected event dates
  • Set signature and deposit requirements
  • Create an unlimited number of order templates
  • Start new orders with past orders or templates
  • Add fees and/or (global or product-specific) discounts
  • Adjust product pricing
  • Record and style rental notes and mark each note as visible or not visible to customer
  • Record and customize rental notes and mark each note as visible or not visible to customer
  • Click and drag to change the order of items
  • Email beautiful quotes, including product images, with a single click

Direct Quote Expiration

  • Set quotes to expire a specified number of days before event date or after quote creation
  • Set quote expiration email, to be sent a specified number of days before quote expiration
  • Change quote expiration on each rental to be different from the default – either a custom expiration date or no expiration

Manage Customer View

  • Split item quantity between sections or duplicate item quantity to show it in multiple sections
  • Show section subtotals if you wish
  • Specify customer view specifics (i.e., showing discounts, notes, images, and item pricing)
  • Set the default way to organize inventory: by inventory type (items, purchases, etc), by product category, or by department
  • Set the system to automatically create headers

Create Beautiful Proposals

  • Select photos to set the mood
  • Click to include photos of select rental items, bundles, and purchases
  • Show a color palette for the event
  • Customize text and include or exclude the event name and date
  • Use a template proposal page to quickly create common proposals See Video
  • Assemble proposal, including a list of items, a billing page, and the rental agreement
  • Create a PDF and a custom proposal URL
  • Update the proposal automatically as the item list changes
  • Opt to include or exclude item details from the proposal
  • Send the proposal within the system and track email history
  • Attach the proposal to payment requests or any other customer email