Staffing Management

Staffing Management

Manage Staffing

  • List staff that provide services for customers, including name, contract info, skills, rate, and history
  • Charge for staff on rentals, selecting the role and rate
  • Assign staff to roles within the system
  • Communicate with staff within the order record, sharing key event info via email key

Use an Integrated Comprehensive Staffing System

  • Connect seamlessly with Nowsta, our best-in-class, fully Cloud-based online staff management platform partner
  • Manage time and attendance, including GPS enabled mobile time clock and/or a centralized tablet time clock
  • Check actual hours against scheduled time and manage discrepancies
  • Communicate with staff members and fill shifts via text and a mobile app
  • Simplify payroll and reporting for hourly workers
  • Get staff rating from managers after each shift
  • Gain insights on staff usage and costs to improve productivity
  • Push data from an order in TapGoods directly into Nowsta

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