Storefront+: Synced Inventory and Ecommerce

Storefront+: Synced
Inventory & Ecommerce

Choose How to Use Your Storefront+

  • Use Storefront as a replacement for your current site or an inventory ecommerce supplement to your site
  • Redirect your own domain (or domains) to your Storefront
  • Customize the URL of your Storefront, if you wish to keep use it as an inventory ecommerce supplement

List Your Items

  • Offer inventory, including bundles and purchases, on your Storefront
  • Select items or bundles to exclude from your Storefront
  • Specify inventory search results by popularity, alphabetical, or the quantity available
  • Choose featured items to float to the top of search results
  • Opt to include or exclude pricing from your Storefront See Video
  • Set minimum order amount for delivery and customer pickup

Publish Synced Inventory

  • Keep your Storefront automatically updated as you add or remove inventory
  • Include items that you don’t currently have in inventory
  • Exclude select items in your inventory from your Storefront

Receive Orders from Current Customers 24×7

  • Invite customers to place orders whenever it is convenient for them
  • Receive orders in a ‘pending’ status on your dashboard
  • Elect to receive an email alert when new leads or orders come in via Storefront
  • Gather details from customers, including their delivery and pick-up time preferences and their phone number
  • Adapt and accept, accept, or decline incoming Storefront orders
  • Opt to allow auto-booking, where orders with adequate inventory on the selected dates are confirmed and can be paid
  • Set a minimum number of days of advance notice for auto-booked orders
  • See incoming orders flow directly into quote and reservation status on your TapGoods PRO system
  • Manage inventory overbooking and every other aspect of the reservation as you would orders entered by your staff