TapGoods for Sales

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Get quotes out and money in faster.
Even while you sleep.

TapGoods helps salespeople get more done more quickly – and get prospects what they need so they can quickly say yes.

With TapGoods, salespeople sell more.

TapGoods puts power at the fingertips of salespeople in rental companies to:

  • Know precisely what inventory is available when
  • Get quotes out in moments, not hours or days
  • Collect live orders, not just wish lists, online
  • Gather signatures and payments with a click
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A few features that salespeople who use TapGoods love most:

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Order Status and Magic Blue Button

See the stage of each order at a glance – and click to move it forward.

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Quick Quotes and Custom Proposals

In a few quick taps, get an accurate, image-rich quote out the door; in a few more, add a full proposal.

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Inventory Availability Management

Know what inventory is available when – and overbook and subrent smartly within the system when needed.

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Look at inventory solo – or combined into an unlimited number of easy-to-sell and easy-to-buy bundles.

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Order History By Contact

See what orders have been placed by a contact – and start a new order from a prior one.

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Collect money while you sleep with fully integrated ecommerce.

Powerful software for all types of rental companies.

TapGoods PRO for Party Rental Software
TapGoods PRO for Rental Tool Software
TapGoods PRO for Inflatable Rental Software
TapGoods PRO for Event Rental Software
TapGoods PRO for Audio Visual Rental Software
TapGoods PRO for camera and musical instrument rental software