TapGoods PRO
For Tents

TapGoods PRO offers everything needed to run a smooth, profitable tent rental business – all in one easy software.

Smart bundles

Track the availabalility of tent components used for various tent sizes.

Capture signatures and payment online

Make doing business with you easy for all with online signatures and payments.

Route trucks

Fully integrated truck routing makes it a breeze to get the right inventory to the right place.

Manage the business from anywhere

With a simple click or tap, get stuff done on any Web-connected device, whatever you are.

Packed with time-saving features that let you focus on your clients.

Go Live In Days!

Let us help get you started in 3… 2… 1…

Customize Your Settings

Establish the most important settings,
so you’re ready to start renting!

Upload Inventory

Upload your inventory into TapGoods
so you can begin creating quotes.

Set Up Merchant Account

Use our integrated payment system
to receive payments online!


White line

Created a customized, beautiful e-commerce site, in a few clicks.


Blue line

Bring new customers to your business using an online rental marketplace.