Streamlined Warehouse Operations

Streamlined Warehouse Management

Streamline Check-In and Checkout

  • Connect the warehouse team, with warehouse-specific login permissions
  • Toggle to include or exclude images from the picklist view
  • Click to check items in or out, noting any discrepancies
  • Identify inventory issues with an easy alert icon
  • See check-in and checkout status, with smart text and icons, for each order
  • See checking in and checking out views that show all orders and items
  • Filter order list by date, customer, company, team member, quote source, picked status, and order status
  • Note missing or broken inventory on check-in and capture notes
  • Reduce inventory automatically when inventory is not returned or is damaged and see any impacts on future orders
  • Add automatic damage fee for missing inventory when wholesale cost is entered for an item
  • Bulk check-in and check-out
  • Group and sort the pick list to your preference

Check Items into Maintenance

  • Move items in and out of maintenance
  • Track a list of all items in maintenance
  • Automatically remove items in maintenance from rentable inventory – and see any overbooking alerts that result from that

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Set maintenance schedules for inventory based on usage (i.e. oil change every 15,000 miles), time (check alignment every 6 months), or # rentals (new bulb after 5 rentals)
  • Use usage types including cumulative (i.e. 100,000 miles), gauge (i.e. ¼ tank), or additive (i.e. # bulb hours)
  • Automate scheduled maintenance email notifications

Manage Maintenance Work Orders
Available at the Select and Premier Tiers

  • Keep a vendor list and easily pull vendor info onto a work order
  • Use a system-generated or manually entered work order number
  • List the date inventory is scheduled to be back in service
  • Assign work orders to team members
  • Add service/labor, including a # hours or days, rate per hour or day, and total price
  • Add parts/materials, including quantity, unit cost, and total price
  • Append documents to a work order
  • Capture work order notes and tax
  • Print work orders

Conduct Inventory Count

  • Use the system to manage periodic inventory counts
  • See an inventory list – items, accessories, and purchases – including photos
  • Filter by category
  • Note the inventory count, and see the difference between what was recorded in the system
  • View the history of changes in inventory count with date shown and team member who recorded the changes

Track Individual Items – Barcoded Serialized Inventory

  • Create (and remove) unique serial numbers for each unit of an inventory item
  • Use the same serial number for all units, if you prefer
  • Print barcodes that correspond to serial numbers
  • Use a barcode scanner to check out and in serialized items
  • Move serialized items in and out of maintenance
  • Track damage or loss of specific items
  • See last use of each individual item 
  • Import or scan in existing serial numbers or create new ones

Coordinate Shipping

  • Manage shipping as a delivery type
  • Include carrier, tracking numbers (for both delivery and return) and ship-to address on orders
  • Add shipping cost, which can be marked as taxable or not taxable, to orders
  • Show relevant shipping info on invoices and the customer-facing online order
  • See all orders being shipped on the dashboard
  • Allow shipping to be selected as a delivery method on orders placed by customers in Storefront