Multilocation Inventory Management

Multilocation Inventory Management

Connecting with Other Locations

  • Connect with locations that use the same or different names
  • Create a 3-digit code (like an airport code) to identify each location within the system
  • Synchronize company terms across locations

Specify Multilocation Settings

  • Opt to allow auto-booking between locations
  • Set a minimum number of days of advance notice for auto-booked orders
  • Set default delivery fee formula to other locations, including any combination of fixed fee, percentage of sales, and mileage fee (including mileage over a specified amount)
  • Establish discounts and fees that can be applied to rentals between locations, either as a percentage or dollar amount

Manage Multilocation Inventory

  • Share inventory with other locations
  • See inventory¬†– including details, prices, and photos – from all locations
  • Connect like inventory, even when names are not precisely the same
  • Share various inventory types – items, accessories, and purchases – between locations
  • Track inventory ledger changes for relocating inventory
  • Use a multilocation inventory calendar to see details of inventory usage amounts, dates, and rental status
  • Discover new and moved multilocation inventory on the dashboard

Rent Using Multilocation Inventory

  • See inventory and quantities at your location and at other locations when creating a rental
  • Use inventory from other locations on rentals, either to fulfill missing quantity or to provide all quantity of inventory for a rental
  • Address inventory overbooking alerts with inventory from other locations
  • Automatically generate a rental request for the location sharing inventory

Manage Multiple Locations

  • Use a single log-in to access multiple locations
  • Switch easily between locations
  • Add users to locations
  • Create super-admin users with access to data from multiple locations
  • Run reports with data from multiple locations, including location as a data field and/or filter